SILVA, C.A; HUDAK, A.T.; CROOKSTON, N. L. and VIERLING, L. A.(2014)
  • Summary of LiDAR metrics

  • UTM Easting

  • UTM Northing

  • Canopy Height Model Profile

  • Top viewer

  • Acknowledgement:

    Funding to support Carlos Silva's development of Web-LiDAR and its underlying functions was provided through Ph.D scholarship from National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development - CNPq via the Brazilian Science Without Borders program and a grant (RC-2243) from the Department of Defense Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program: Patterns and processes: monitoring and understanding plant diversity in frequently burned longleaf pine landscapes. J. O'Brien, PI; R. Mitchell, A. Hudak, L. Dyer, Co-PIs.
    The LiDAR data provided as an example dataset is from a longleaf pine forest at Eglin AFB. It's collection was funded by a grant (11-2-1-11) from the Joint Fire Science Program: Data set for fuels, fire behavior, smoke, and fire effects model development and evaluation-the RxCADRE project. R. Ottmar, PI; multiple Co-Is.


    Web-LiDAR was developed to support lidar-based forest inventory and management at Eglin Air Force Base (AFB), Florida, USA. However, it has general applicability to other forests in other ecosystems, and we encourage users to test it broadly. (Contact us by email: Carlos_engflorestal@outlook.com)

    Tutorial - Web-LiDAR Forest Inventory: TreeExtractor Application