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Evaluating the efficacy of wood shreds for mitigating erosion

Foltz, R.B.; Copeland, N.S. 2008. Evaluating the efficacy of wood shreds for mitigating erosion. Journal of Environmental Management 90(2):779-785. doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2008.01.006

Keywords: Erosion; Erosion control; Mitigation; Mulch; Wood shreds

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Abstract: An erosion control product made by shredding on-site woody materials was evaluated for mitigating erosion through a series of rainfall simulations. Tests were conducted on bare soil and soil with 30, 50, and 70% cover on a coarse and a fine-grained soil. Results indicated that the wood product known as wood shreds reduced runoff and soil loss from both soil types. Erosion mitigation ranged from 60 to nearly 100% depending on the soil type and amount of concentrated flow and wood shred cover. Wood shreds appear to be a viable alternative to agricultural straw. A wood shred cover of 50% appears optimal, but the appropriate coverage rate will depend on the amount of expected concentrated flow and soil type.

Moscow FSL publication no. 2008j