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Erosion Risk Management Tool

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Rock content [?]

Vegetation type [?] Hillslope gradient [?] Hillslope
horizontal length [?]
Soil burn
severity class [?]
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Middle  %  
Toe  %  
   ft   High
Range/chaparral pre-fire community description [?]
% shrub    % grass    % bare

ERMiT allows users to predict the probability of a given amount of sediment delivery from the base of a hillslope following variable burns on forest, rangeland, and chaparral conditions in each of five years following wildfire.

ERMiT version 2014.04.07


Robichaud, Peter R.; Elliot, William J.; Pierson, Fredrick B.; Hall, David E.; Moffet, Corey A. 2014. Erosion Risk Management Tool (ERMiT). [Online at <>.] Moscow, ID: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.

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