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Rocky Mountain Research Station
Climate Generator

To generate and download
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a CLIGEN-format climate file
for use in WEPP,
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1 Note: Personal climates are unreliable for AOL users. We are seeking a solution. If you have an alternative connection to the Internet, we recommend using it.
The Rocky Mountain Climate Generator creates a daily weather file using the ARS CLIGEN weather generator. The file is intended to be used with the WEPP Windows and GeoWEPP interfaces, but also can be a source of weather data for any application. It creates up to 200 years of simlated weather values from a database of more than 2600 weather stations and the PRISM 2.5-mile grid of precipitation data.

Elliot, William J.; Dayna L. Scheele, Dayna L.; Hall, David E. 1999. Rock:Clime – Rocky Mountain Research Station Climate Generator. Moscow, ID: U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Moscow Forestry Sciences Laboratory. [Online at <>]. (a part of Rock:Clime) version 2014.10.06
USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station
1221 South Main Street, Moscow, ID 83843
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