ArcInfo Hillslope Delineation Toolbox

ArcInfo Hillslope Delineation Toolbox for Disturbed WEPP batch interface spreadsheet and Batch ERMiT interface spreadsheet.

ArcGIS 10

ArcGIS 9

This is an ArcInfo Toolbox (.tbx file) that one downloads and installs on one's PC. The toolbox is not required for running the Disturbed WEPP Batch or Batch ERMiT interface spreadsheets, but it can assist in collecting the run parameter input values.

Requirements for the optional ArcInfo Hillslope Delineation Toolbox

The final product from operating the Hillslope Delineation Toolbox is a comma-separatated-values (CSV) file with the following fields: The resulting file can be read into the Disturbed WEPP Batch or Batch ERMiT interface spreadsheets. The following values for the Disturbed WEPP Batch interface spreadsheet input screen will be loaded: For the Batch ERMiT interface spreadsheet input screen, the following fields will be loaded:


Users should be sure that they are running the toolbox in ArcGIS 10. The toolbox may have some incompatibilities with version 10.1.

Two issues have come up related to the default workspace settings within ArcToolbox. To access these settings, right-click inside ArcToolbox, select Environments, and click on the Workspace drop-down.
Specific to each error:
Check this webpage to watch for updates and hints as we get more experience with this Toolbox.
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