Disturbed WEPP batch interface spreadsheet

Earlier versions of Disturbed WEPP Batch spreadsheet no longer work.

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is under review. Please give us any feedback you have.

This spreadsheet is designed to make running multiple Disturbed WEPP scenarios much more efficient. The spreadsheet interface is downloaded and run on one's PC, but the Disturbed WEPP model runs are on our server.

Requirements Optional


  1. Upon loading the spreadsheet, enable macros as advised within the spreadsheet (Excel 2003 or 2007) or in hint below (Excel 2010)
  2. View –> Full Screen to display (more of) the entry fields. (Right-click on spreadsheet border and Restore to get menus back.)
  3. Keep a clean version of the interface spreadsheet, and make a copy for each project – save it under a different name before running the batch, and again after to save the results.
  4. To enable macros under Excel 2010, after opening the spreadsheet, click "Enable Editing" if displayed.

    then click on "Enable Content" if displayed.

Check this webpage frequently to watch for updates and hints as we get more experience with this interface spreadsheet.

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