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Several of the programs in the FS WEPP suite require your browser to use JavaScript for full effect.

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Custom Climates and log files

Currently each user can have five custom climates stored on the FS WEPP server for an indeterminate period of time. In addition, he or she can have one WEPP:Road log file stored on the server. Climate and log files will be kept for at least a day or two, but will be deleted as they age out.

We plan to add a [Remove log] button so that the user can also clean up after himself or herself.

The custom climate and log file are connected to the user by what is known as an IP address -- a four-part numeric code that is the name of the computer on which your browser is running. If you start two FS WEPP sessions from different computers, each will show a different custom climate and log file unique to that machine. The situation can get confused, however, when several people are actually running FS WEPP from one computer at the same time (such as in a training session, where the students are sitting at terminals running off of one central computer on which the Internet browser is running). Temporarily, we are allowing users in such a situation to select an identity (one letter "a" to "z") to distinguish their climates and log files from those of other users on the computer.

The user who dials in through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) -- as opposed to those who are directly connected to the Internet via a Local Area Network (LAN) or other means -- may have a "floating IP address" assigned, in which case a custom climate or log created in one session will likely not be available to the user on a subsequent session (and there would be a small chance that a log from another previous user who had had that floating IP address would be served).

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