FS WEPP identity information

Custom climate files and log files are connected to the user by what is known as an Internet Protocol or IP address -- a four-part numeric code that is the address of the computer on which your browser is running. If one starts two FS WEPP sessions from different computers, each will show different personal climates and log files unique to that machine. The situation can get confused, however, when several people are actually running FS WEPP from one computer at the same time (such as in a training session, where the students are sitting at terminals running off of one central computer on which the Internet browser is running). We allow users in such a situation to select an identity (one letter "a" to "z") to distinguish their climates and log files from those of other users on the computer.

If two or more users select the same identity (or select no identity) and are running FS WEPP from the same browser, then the runs from each user will be jumbled together in the logs, and one user's personal climate might get overwritten without notification by another user.

The user may select, on the initial FS WEPP screen, a one-letter identity to distinguish herself or himself from others using FS WEPP on the same computer. Again, this is important only for users whose browser software is located on a central computer with multiple users using FS WEPP. Your selected identity is stored in a "cookie" on your computer for at most one day. Your browser must be configured to allow cookies (which they generally are, by default) and, if asked, you must accept the cookie, for your identity to work.

Bill Elliot — U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station — Air, Water and Aquatics Environments — Moscow, ID