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Applied Wildland Fire Research in Support of Project Level Hazardous Fuels Planning -- Fact Sheets

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Economics Environmental Social Science Fire Behavior

Economics and Utilization Team
  1. Complete set of fact sheets (1093 KB) zip

  2. Mastication treatments and costs (RMRS-RN-20-1-WWW) pdf

  3. Log hauling cost (RMRS-RN-20-2-WWW) pdf

  4. Economic impacts of fuel treatments (RMRS-RN-20-3-WWW) pdf

  5. My Fuel Treatment Planner (RMRS-RN-20-4-WWW) pdf

  6. NEPA and economics (RMRS-RN-20-5-WWW) pdf

  7. Selection criteria analysis (RMRS-RN-20-6-WWW) pdf

  8. Markets and log prices (RMRS-RN-20-07-WWW) pdf

  9. Prescribed fire costs (RMRS-RN-20-08-WWW) pdf

  10. Mechanical treatment costs (RMRS-RN-20-09-WWW)pdf

Environmental Consequences Team
  1. Complete set of fact sheets (2226 KB) zip

  2. Fire Effects Information Systems (FEIS) (RMRS-RN-23-1-WWW) pdf

  3. First Order Fire Effects Model (FOFEM) (RMRS-RN-23-2-WWW) pdf

  4. Structure fires in the wildland-urban interface (RMRS-RN-23-3-WWW) pdf

  5. Wildlife responses to fuels treatment: key considerations (RMRS-RN-23-4-WWW) pdf

  6. Prescriptions and fire effects (RMRS-RN-23-5-WWW) pdf

  7. Wildland fire use: the "other" treatment option (RMRS-RN-23-6-WWW) pdf

  8. Fire and weeds (RMRS-RN-23-07-WWW) pdf

  9. Evaluating sedimentation risks associated with fuel management (RMRS-RN-23-08-WWW) pdf

  10. Fire and Fuels Extension to the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FFE-FVS) (RMRS-RN-23-09-WWW) pdf

  11. The Understory Response Model (RMRS-RN-23-10-WWW) pdf

  12. Smoke Impact Spreadsheet (SIS) model (RMRS-RN-23-11-WWW) pdf

  13. Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Fuel Management (FuMe) tool (RMRS-RN-23-12-WWW) pdf

  14. Root Disease Analyzer -- Armillaria Response Tool (ART) (RMRS-RN-23-13-WWW) pdf

  15. Fuels reduction and compaction (RMRS-RN-23-14-WWW) pdf

  16. The Wildlife Habitat Response Model (RMRS-RN-23-15-WWW) pdf

Social Science Team
  1. Set of fact sheets 1 to 18 (2.4 MB) zip

  2. Developing personal responsibility for fuels reduction: building a successful program to engage property owners (RMRS-RN-21-1-WWW) pdf

  3. Developing personal responsibility for fuels reduction: types of information to encourage proactive behavior (RMRS-RN-21-2-WWW) pdf

  4. Developing personal responsibility for fuels reduction: more ways to catch and hold people's attention (RMRS-RN-21-3-WWW) pdf

  5. Three critical topics to cover when talking about hazards (RMRS-RN-21-4-WWW) pdf

  6. The importance of working locally (RMRS-RN-21-5-WWW) pdf

  7. Important considerations for communicating about hazards (RMRS-RN-21-6-WWW) pdf

  8. The "laws" of effective public education about fire hazards (RMRS-RN-21-07-WWW) pdf

  9. The "Golden Rule" and other lessons on communicating about hazards (RMRS-RN-21-08-WWW) pdf

  10. Benefits of collaboration (RMRS-RN-21-08-WWW) pdf

  11. Stages of collaboration (RMRS-RN-21-09-WWW) pdf

  12. Challenges to collaboration (RMRS-RN-21-11-WWW) pdf

  13. Keys to successful collaboration (RMRS-RN-21-12-WWW) pdf

  14. Strategies for managing fuels and visual quality (RMRS-RN-21-13-WWW) pdf

  15. Landscape preference in forested ecosystems (RMRS-RN-21-14-WWW) pdf

  16. Landscape change and aesthetics (RMRS-RN-21-15-WWW) pdf

  17. Prescribed fire and visual quality (RMRS-RN-21-16-WWW) pdf

  18. Considering social acceptability of fuels treatments (RMRS-RN-21-17-WWW) pdf

  19. Issues affecting social acceptability of fuels treatments (RMRS-RN-21-18-WWW) pdf

Wildland Fire Behavior & Forest Structure Team
  1. Complete set of fact sheets (850 KB) zip

  2. Forest structure and fire hazard overview (RMRS-RN-22-1-WWW) pdf

  3. Fire hazard (RMRS-RN-22-2-WWW) pdf

  4. Visualizing forest structure and fuels (RMRS-RN-22-3-WWW) pdf

  5. Role of silviculture in fuel treatments (RMRS-RN-22-4-WWW) pdf

  6. Fuel treatment principles for complex landscapes (RMRS-RN-22-5-WWW) pdf

  7. Guide to fuel treatments in dry forests of the Western United States: assessing forest structure and fire hazard (RMRS-RN-22-6-WWW) pdf

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