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Microbial Processes > Decomposition Processes

The Microbial Processes Project at the Moscow Forest Sciences Laboratory is part of a worldwide study on decomposition processes in forest soils.

Decomposition rates in soil vary because of a number of factors. Rates of decomposition directly affect soil organic matter and may in turn affect a forest's productivity.

Through this study, scientists will monitor the effects of disturbance on decomposition rates. By taking regular measurements using the same methods in a variety of climates and ecosystems, the data gathered will be more useful for comparison than that of many previous studies. The resulting information will help scientists find ways to minimize and counteract the effects of forest use and management on decomposition processes. The data will also be used in creating future mineral soil decomposition modeling software.

Related studies are also focusing on forest biological decomposition processes, how they affect soil organic matter, and how they, in turn, affect a forest's vulnerability to insect and disease attacks.


  • Debbie Page-Dumroese, Research Soil Scientist, Microbiology email Debbie

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