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Soil and Water Engineering  >  Modeling Software  >  Slope Stability (LISA and XSTABL)

(Level I Stability Analysis and Deterministic Level I Stability Analysis)
LISA uses Monte Carlo simulation of the infinite slope equation to estimate a probability of slope failure for use in relative stability assessment of natural slopes. It runs on IBM PC-compatible personal computers under MS-DOS. Graphics capability and a math coprocessor are recommended but not required. LISA will also run as a full-screen application under Microsoft Windows.

XSTABL provides an integrated environment for performing slope stability analyses on an IBM personal computer, or compatible, running MS-DOS. The program provides an intuitive user friendly interface and the analytical philosophy behind the popular slope stability program STABL, which was developed at Purdue University.

SARA (Stability Analysis for Road Access) and DSARA (Deterministic Stability Analysis for Road Access), the Level II slope stability computer models, were under development when funding for the slope stability program at the Moscow Forestry Sciences Lab was lost. SARA and DSARA were designed to allow users to analyze the stability of standard (full-bench, self-balanced, and through-fill) road templates placed on natural slopes.