Field Guide to Forest Plants of Northern Idaho

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United States
Department of

Forest Service

Rocky Mountain
Research Station
Ft. Collins, CO

General Technical Report

February 2004

Species description
Ferns & Friends
Descriptive drawings
Collecting and
   pressing methods

The Authors

Patricia A. Patterson, forester, was assigned major responsibility for development of the original field guide, while assisting the northern Idaho habitat type refinement project. She holds B.S. degrees in both forest management and wood utilization from the University of Idaho.

Kenneth E. Neiman, retired plant ecologist, was co-leader of the northern Idaho habitat type refinement project and directed the original effort to create a regional field guide for plant species of ecological importance. He holds a B.S. degree in range management and an M.S. degree in forest and range ecology both from Washington State University, and Ph.D. degree in forest ecology from the University of Idaho. He was Zone Ecologist for the northern Idaho national forests when this guide originally compiled. After leaving the Forest Service, he did private consulting for 17 years.

Jonalea R. Tonn, forester, Rocky Mountain Research Station, originally developed a similar guide for use by research field crews. She was directly involved in developing, writing, and reviewing all material in the original field guide. She earned both a B.S. degree and an M.F. degree in forestry from the University of Idaho. She joined the Intermountain Station (now Rocky Mountain Research Station) at Moscow in 1978.